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Make Your Move!

We specialize in understanding the value of your property so you can feel confident selling! It's Fair, Easy & Simple! Complete our short form to start your journey!

What are my Options when Selling?

HCO's Proven Process


A unique concierge opportunity that aims to maximize the potential profit from your asset via partnership, where HCO takes on the task of remodeling then selling your property on the open market with you.

We specialize in working with homeowners to provide a fair, simple, and timely purchase of their houses. No realtor and no repairs necessary!

Here we will launch and refine your customized strategy to sell your home on the open market for a great price.



Trouble Selling

Behind on Payments

Owe Taxes

No Equity


Bad Tenants


Listing Expired

Death of a loved one

Liquidating assets

Inherited property

Job loss

Bad mortgage


Medical Bills

Extensive repairs



Structural issues


Bad neighborhood




Code Violations

Fire Damage

Condemned Property

Ugly House

Environmental Issues

Title Issues


And More

Seeking an easy sale for your house?

HCO's Three C's


Step 1: Conversation

Step 2: Consultation

Step 3: Close

Fill out our short form & schedule a call for our Valuation Experts to give you an offer today!

HCO's Virtual Valuation Experts will give you all their information on your property along with your as is offer!

HCO can close on their offer within 14 days or as slowly as you'd like.

Sonia, H

We wanted to sell our old family home but we already moved from New jersey to Tennessee. We thought it would be nearly impossible, but HCO was able to make us a fair offer and close quickly without us having to travel back to Jersey!

Recent Testimonials

Patti, B

HCO made it possible for my Mom and I to sell our house seamlessly for a fair price! They even transported some personal items for us!

Jeff, L

The best part of HCO's process is that they were able to help me understand the market, and all of my options for my property. The owners were great guys!   

Why is HCO Americas Favorite Real Estate Company?
People First Profit Second!
There’s just no easier way to confidently sell your house than working with HCO. We work with you to understand the market value of your property in various scenarios, giving you a comprehensive breakdown of what your home is worth "as is", listed on the open market, and the listing value after a full remodel. We guarantee you will be armed with all the information needed to confidently make the right decision when it comes to your property.
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Many people find themselves wanting to sell their property every year for a number of reasons.

We buy houses seamlessly and we've assisted many people in all types of situations. We understand that selling a property can be difficult, and that's why we aim to make it as easy as possible. When you talk to us, we will work diligently to help you understand the market, discover your most effective solution and to feel confident in your decision. No matter why you want to sell, we are here to make that process a breeze! If you are considering selling, Contact us today!

Get a Free No Obligation Home Valuation.

Helping you discover the most advantageous  solution when selling your property!

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